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The Best Of 2016

Photography became a vital part of my life. It is not just a hobby, just a job, just something I do. It is the way I live. The same way it is said in Sweden that there is no bad weather, only bad clothes - I am convinced that photography is not about how you look on pictures, but about how you feel. My goal is to show how people feel. If you feel happy, you can't look ugly on a photo. That's a fact. 

The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If all you see is beauty, there can be no other. All these couples made my 2016 a beautiful adventure. They gave me their trust and showed me how they feel, they took me to places I only dreamed to be at. They let me inside the very heart of what is most important to them and this is what I saw.

I want to thank all of you for all that amazing experience and I whish you (those I know, still don't know and will get to know in 2017) all the bestest in the year to come! Don't stop dreaming, because dreams do come true when you work hard and don't give up. What seems impossible today will be just another normal thing sometime in the near future. 



Don't stress so much about settling on a path for 2017. The division of time into years is a human invention, and fact is every moment of every day is another opportunity for resolution and growth. So when the fireworks fly, relax and enjoy the moment. The rest will come to you.


Beau Taplin

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