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About me

My friends call me Daby, Dali or Dalibee. I love small, intimate weddings and elopements. I always thought that good photography comes from the heart. From what and who you really are. I find inspiration in everything around me. Even in raindrops on moody days. I am a bit of an introvert. Talking about myself is hard. But I also believe getting out of your comfort zone is the only thing that will push you forward. One of the reasons why I am in the business of wedding photography is - I wanted to show people that these photos can be much more than staged and unnatural photos. I wanted to show them it is a personal, emotional and most intimate thing that deserves to be shown in the same way.


The most beautiful things in life are not things. They're people and places, memories and pictures. They're feelings and moments, tears, smiles and laughter.

Dalibora Bijelic

I am 38. Still feel like 18 sometimes, though. I was in love with photography since my grandfather gave me my first compact camera when I was 13. I am in love with reading books, watching movies, travelling and in general I am in love with Life. I create my own reality and my own happiness and I believe in power of positive thinking & living in the Now.

Dalibora Bijelic

What I create for my clients is an eternal memory of who they were in one particular moment in time. True value of good photography can be seen 10 years from now, when the photographs remind you of how you felt, of moments long gone, yet still vivid particles of your existence.

Dalibora Bijelic

Few quick facts about me:

I would love to thank my dear friends Barbara Tusan Misic and Josee Lamarre for these wonderful pictures of me!