Dalibora Bijelic Photography

Hi! My name is Dalibora.

I believe the hardest thing is to tell something about yourself and stay true and honest to who you are without making it sound better in order to make people like you (like when you're on a first date with your crush!). I'll try to say few facts about myself that might show you a bit more, and hopefully not loose you in the process of reading!


I got my first camera when I was just a girl, back in 1995. It was just a simple compact camera [analog!] that my Grandfather bought for my birthday. Few years later, after my Dad gave me his SLR camera [still analog], I got more interested in making good photography. Now I think everything I made back then was all crap, but they say that your first 10.000 photographs are the worst :) Even though I went to college and finished law, my love for photography grew bigger and I decided I will try persuing my life happiness with it. I even got back to school and got my photographer's degree. And rest, well, everything rest is now history. It was the scariest, but yet the best decision I've ever made!

I'm sure every photographer will say he loves what he does and does what he loves. I'm no exception to this. My work is my passion. I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else.

That's the most honest thing I could say about it.


Few quick facts about me:

I would love to thank my friend Barbara Tusan Misic for these wonderful pictures of me!