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Manina & Jakub: A couples photo session in Berlin

This October I had the pleasure of capturing a beautiful couple's photo shoot in the vibrant city of Berlin, near Babylon cinema. Manina and Jakub (Kuba). This couple is not just any ordinary couple - they are actually wedding photographers themselves. Our original plan was to take these photos in Prague. But, we were attending Way Up North, a wedding photography conference which took place in Berlin. I was actually one of the speakers at the conference (Can you imagine? It still sounds surreal to me). We both just had to agree that Berlin had a unique charm that we couldn't resist.

During the photo shoot, I was struck by how effortlessly Manina and Kuba connected with each other. Once more I felt joy of connecting with like-minded individuals. It's been inspiring to witness this couple's journey as they continue to grow and thrive in their own wedding photography careers. Being able to capture their love in Berlin was a delight and I can't wait to see what they have yet to show us.

You can support them by following them on their socials: https://www.instagram.com/younmehub/

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