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Pizza, Love & Laughter: Susi and Martin's Intimate Destination Wedding in a private villa in Istria, Croatia

Susi and Martin's intimate destination wedding in a private villa in Istria, Croatia, was one of those weddings I couldn't wait to finally be a part of. In their first email, the very first thing I saw was the last name. It was WONKA. If you didn't know, I am a huge fan of the whole Wonka and his chocolate factory story, plus of course Mr Tim Burton. So, yes, I was hooked from the beginning for many reasons, but for the "Wonka" part especially. After few exchanged emails and a call, we knew it was love from the beginning between us and it just had to be. 

I guess the most common problem I always hear from people is that they fear to make the day completely their own and they compromise, so that everyone from the family would be happy. This wedding was not that case and I am happy I can show everyone that your wedding day is yours and YOURS ONLY. From the tranquil morning preparations to the terrace ceremony, the delicious pizzas, and the barefoot dancing, every moment was a unique expression of their story. Sveti Lovreč in Istria, with its charm and allure, played the perfect host to this day. Breaking away from tradition, the couple opted for a post-ceremony celebration at a local pizzeria. The unconventional choice added a touch of whimsy to their day, making it truly their own. The day ended with barefoot dancing. The night was filled with laughter and love. What else would you need?

Susi and Martin, thank you for having me. You are, in all the ways, my perfect clients.



P.S. Bride in a black dress? Why the hell not.

Location: Villa Amyra, Sveti Lovreč, Istria, Croatia

Restaurant: Pizzeria San Lorenzo, Sveti Lovreč

Decorations: Maline u Tehnikoloru

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