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Alise & Braedan | intimate wedding in Mäntyharju, Finland

If someone told me 9 years ago, when I was starting my small business as a professional wedding photographer, that one day I will fly all the way to Finland to shoot a wedding, I'd never believe him. But here it is. A wedding in Finland. Having me as a photographer. WOW!!! I met Alise when her sister got married in Croatia. I was their photographer for the day. I instantly connected with this family, which wasn't that hard, considering how lovable they all are. Alise then wanted me to come shoot her wedding as well, this time to Finland. It was my first time there and all I can tell you (without making this blog post even longer with a huge text) is that when I came there and saw that nature, I was in love! Lakes and forest wherever you turn. And the people... oh, so simple and generous! Without a doubt, Finland is another Scandinavian country I could easily see myself living in! 

This photo story is starting somewhat unusual, because I wanted to show you the whole story, since I was spending several days with the family. We spent the day before the wedding in a cottage on a lake, doing something I was told was the most common thing you do in Finland - sauna and swimming. Apparently, every Finnish household has at least one or two saunas (one inside and the other one outside the house). They grow up doing this ritual of going to sauna and swimming in a freezing lake, which is nothing scary for them (as it was for me!) But, I couldn't come back home not being able to share a story like that, so I joined them in this awesome endevour! And as crazy it sounds, I had soooo  much fun! Even Braedan's grandfather from Australia did it! 

Alise and Braedan met in Australia and decided to celebrate their wedding day in Mäntyharju, Finland, surrounded with their closest family and friends. Everything, from make-up, flowers, to all the food and cakes was made by the members of the family. Only the dress came with Alise from Australia. I have never seen such a connection and energy as I have witnessed there. I am honored to have been the one who captured these moments and if you, by any chance got to the end with reading this, I hope you can see at least part of what we all felt there. Cheers!

If there is any kind of magic in this world... it must be in the attempt of understanding someone sharing something.

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