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Intimate family wedding on island Cres | Iva & Vanja

Iva and Vanja made a decision to make just a small, intimate wedding in village of Osor (island Cres, Croatia) surrounded only with members of their closest family. It was the wedding that opened my last years season and I remember how excited I was to go there. Even though I was with them only for the session and a short ceremony, I wanted to show you their story. When we first talked, they both said the thing that most of my couples say: "We're not good in front of a camera." Would you ever think that when you see their photos? Exactly. You wouldn't. That's the whole point. If you like my style and want me to take photos of your wedding day, you need to trust me 150% and connect with me. If I know your story, if I get to know you, I will be just as another family member at your wedding, someone you know and trust. And it will not matter if you're good in front of the camera or not. You will forget that I am there.

I have known those who understand their life to be an adventure. A brief opportunity to experience earth. They understand true love lies in surrender.

Allie Michelle

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