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Elegant intimate wedding in San Canzian, Istria, Croatia

Ivana and Karlo decided to escape the ordinary and have an elegant intimate wedding, at one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Istria, Croatia, the village hotel San Canzian. What could be better than getting married in a picturesque location surrounded by your closest family and friends? Wedding was coordinated and decorated by Tina and Jana, two amazing women that work under the name of Maline u tehnikoloru. Even though it was already November, it was a beautiful and warm autumn day, so the ceremony was held out in the open. After the ceremony, guests were invited to enjoy drinks on the terrace, before sitting down for a sumptuous meal in the orangerie. A lot of times I can hear from people, being sceptic, that an intimate small wedding can not be much fun. Well, I can prove you wrong. I have seen so many small weddings that were more fun than some very big ones. Ivana and Karlo's wedding was one of them. A proof that 15 people can party louder than 50. At the end of the day, I guess it all comes down to who you are and what you want. Don't let anyone tell you a wedding has to be done in a certain way. The only way it has to be done is YOUR way.

A short introduction to the wedding venue - San Canzian

San Canzian is a charming village hotel situated in Istria, Croatia, close to both Buje and Grožnjan. With its rolling hills, olive groves, this unique village offers a beautiful and tranquil setting for an intimate wedding. The nearby town of Motovun is also worth exploring; with its medieval buildings, it's the perfect place to spend a day or two before the big day.

When planning your wedding, it is important to choose a venue that will suit the style of your event. For an elegant intimate wedding, I'd always recommend choosing a venue with a classic or romantic feel. San Canzian is the ideal setting for an intimate wedding that both you and your guests will never forget. With its romantic architecture, beautiful views, unparalleled connection to nature, and high-end accommodations, it’s certainly a destination everyone should consider for that elegant intimate wedding occasion. So if you are looking to get away with your beloved one and exchange vows in front of family and friends while offering them an immersive experience they won't soon forget - this place is just what you're looking for.

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