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Scheveningen beach windy couple session | Ema & Anfroy

If I’d ever shoot a movie, it would be a love story at the dunes of Scheveningen beach in The Hague, during a cloudy and windy day, just like it was when Ema, Anfroy and I went there to make this couple session. It was end of June, around 9pm. We had a typical Dutch weather. Except the rain. We started from their home and walked down to the beach, where we were almost blown away by very strong wind. But it was worth it!

Over the past few years I have become more and more infatuated with Netherlands. When I first came there I was carried away with the way of life, nature, architecture, driving bikes everywhere and pretty much everything Dutch. I’ve seen a lot of this country by now, but still I somehow stayed in love the most with The Hague. One of the first places I’ve seen here was the beach. Never before I imagined this city had such a huge beach! And with the days getting longer during summer, the excitement of having that beer and waiting for the sunset at 10pm was the biggest surprise for me in this city.

I found some of my favourite spots there, which I won’t cover all in this post (it would be too long), but I will share the new ones with you! 

This summer I fell in love with the small antique & book market in the Lange Voorhout, where I bought some records and enjoyed the smell of old books. Just around the corner, in Hooistraat 5, there’s a cute little place, Martes, with amazing coffee and cakes to sit, chill and watch the everyday life. 

Just a bit further down town, our friends took us to a Lebanese “fastfood”, a cute little place you come to grab some Lebanese food. It’s called Baladi Lebanese Manouche and I can highly recommend you order half zaatar/half cheese + veggies and chicken tawouk wrap. Ohhh I want to go back now just to have one of those again!

And last, but not least, the icecream at Luciano’s in Frederik Hendriklaan! You’ll be coming for more, I promisse.

I miss you Hague, hope to see you soon again! Thank you Ema and Anfroy for this lovely session.

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