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Best locations for an adventurous elopement in Croatia

Being a traveler and an adventurous spirit helped me find best locations in Croatia for adventurous elopements. Yes, I do love small and intimate weddings and elopements above all. So, I decided to share some of the best locations I simply adore, with hope to help someone who decides to come to Croatia for an elopement of their own. There are plenty of other locations, even those yet to be found, but these are my personal top ones:



Island Hvar | Saint Nicholas Peak

Any adventurous couple out there seeking for an interesting spot to get married will most certainly be interested in this highest peak of all Croatian islands, St Nicholas. It is rising 626 meters above sea level with a stunning view of island Hvar as well as it's neighbour islands. Even if it looks difficult to reach, this peak is actually accesible by car. You can start on the gravel road that leads from Dol or the one that starts near the southern end of the tunnel, on the new road that connects Stari Grad and Hvar. Both roads connect to the pass that is an hour’s walk away from the peak. You can see St Nicholas peak from that point fairly well. A marked path leads to the top. The first facility on the way to the top is a small fire-fighting observatory, followed by a white stone cross, and finally St Nicholas’s chapel. See the whole blog post by clicking here!

Island Brac | Kastil Gospodnetic

Kastil Gospodnetic is a tavern run by a family that works both in agriculture and tourism. It is located in the village of Dol, in an old castle built in the 16th century. Most of the residential area of the castle is preserved with a complete interior from the 19th century, and the hosts will always find time to lead you through the space and tell you interesting stories about the home and the village. When I first got there, I was struck by the location and the warmth of the people. And the food - there are no words to describe the tastes of their local cousine. It is something you try once and always want to come back to!

Island Brac | Draceva Monastery ruins

A true hidden gem of south Adriatic coast. Not so easily accesible, but guarantees true adventure and spectacular views. This place is abandoned and is situated close to Bol on island Brac. The church dates from the 16th century, above it are the ruins of the monastery from 1512. It was very hard to find more information about this place, but what I can tell from my own experience, it breathes a very calm and positive energy and the view is worth the hike. I suggest early spring or autumn for planning such an elopement.

Island Brac | Vidova Gora

We are staying on island Brac, near Bol, this time above it - peak Vidova Gora. Since this spot is accesible by car, I don't suggest it during summer season, but in early spring or late summer, or early autumn, to avoid the crowds. It's not so wild, but it's worth a mention. 

Dubrovnik | Park Orsula


One of the less known, yet very reachable spots above Dubrovnik old town is Park Orsula. There is a gorgeous view overlooking the Old town and the island of Lokrum. Next to the remains of the 14th century St Orsula’s Church there's an amphitheatre on a cliff, 200 metres above the sea. After it was saved and renovated, this location became a new summer stage for concerts of various domestic and international musical performers, who will play here throughout the summer. It's a must - whether you go there for an elopement or just to visit this beautiful city!

Dubrovnik | Mount Srd

Whether you are eloping, asking someone to spend the rest of your life with you, or just visiting, one of the best views of the city is from Mount Srd, just above Dubrovnik. You can get there by cable car, you can take a hike trail (that I don't recommend if you're eloping), or you can get there by car (the best way). Going up there with the car gives you the advantage to choose a spot just before the fort, to have your own private view on the city. Even though, because of this being one of the frequently visited viewpoints - it is not so private in general and if you're looking for your pictures be taken there, the best time for that would be sunrise (so, only for the adventurous ones!). Sunrises are magical, btw! Just saying. I recommend this article for more informations about Mount Srd.

Dubrovnik | Viewpoint at Dubrovnik Palace

If you are a little less adventurous and more practical, but still love gorgeous spots with a killer view, here is something for you. It's a viewpoint only few minutes away from Hotel Dubrovnik Palace. It's romantic, it's away from crowds and it has that romantic touch any elopement spot should have. 

Ciovo - Gospe od Prizidnice

On the southern part of the Island Ciovo (close to picturesque Trogir) there is small church – sanctuary of Blessed Mary of Conception - Gospe od Prizidnice. This place is also one of the hidden gems of south Adriatic coast. It is reachable by car, but you have to walk a path for aditional 5 minutes to get to it. The church just "hangs" on almost upright rock, high over sea. It was built in 1546 by priest Strojdražić, the hermit priest who lived there since several years. The sanctuary is opened only four times each year (on Easter Monday, on Whit Monday (49-50 days after Easter), on Holly Name of Mary's (15. Aug.) and on Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary (8. Dec.) It is a bit tricky for a foreigner to get the aprovement to get married in the church itself, but the location is stunning and even if you don't want to get married in the church there is a hidden "beach" right below it.

North coast | Mount Ucka

This is a more "local" spot. Known for Croatians, it is not something you will Google as a foreigner. But, if you consider going to the north Croatian coast, and want a spot with a breath-taking view, this is the one. At the altitude of 1400m above sea level, this peak gives you the unique oportunity to see both Kvarner bay and islands, as well as whole Istria. If the day is clear and the weather allows it, you have a chance to see the Italian coast. Or, at least, so they say. It is accessible by car + 5min walk. You can choose acommodation in Opatija or on the other side of the mountain, somewhere in beautiful Istria.

Island Cres | Osor

Osor lies at a narrow channel that separates islands Cres and Losinj. The channel was built in Roman times to make sailing possible. Now the islands are connected with a bridge. Originally Cres and Lošinj were one island, before the channel was cut. There are only 60 people living in this little town. I always had a feeling it is one of those places that gets overlooked because it is just a transit spot on a map. But if you do stop and look closely you will find a charming old town, surrounded by incredible nature and there's a good chance there's a sheep or two who will want to be a part of your photo session. Both Cres and Losinj are islands worth looking into, they have that wild beauty and mediterranean touch you will always be reminiscing.

Istra | Motovun

North Croatian coast is a bit underestimated part of Croatia that yet has to be discovered. My heart belongs to it because I live in the north, so it would be unfair not to present some of my favourite spots here.  Motovun is a village and a municipality in central Istria. The name of the village is of Celtic origin, derived from word Montona, that means "a town in the hills". The sea coast is only 30min away from here. I like to say that this is Croatian Tuscany. Small cute towns on top of hills, olive trees, local food and excuisite wine. What's not to like? If you ever stumble upon this blog post, even though you're not getting hitched, but you're going to this part of Croatia, send me a message and I'll be glad to hook you up with local family restaurants and places that you're not so likely find by yourself.

Istra | Groznjan

Second Istrian gem for getting hitched in north Croatia is most definitely Groznjan. Another small town on top of a hill (just across Motovun, actually), a bit less known than Motovun, Groznjan (Grisignana) metamorphoses every spring and turns into a truly artistic beehive: it opens its summer music academies for young people, its artistic, dance and drama workshops and its peace activism workshops under the leadership of well-known experts and teachers and famous names from music, art and drama. 

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

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