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Alex & Toni | Sunset couple photoshoot in Croatia

Just before 2020 decided to hit us all with coronavirus news and we all had to stay at home, I had my last couple session with Alex and Toni at the top of mountain Ucka here in Croatia. Alex is a fellow photographer and we had a deal she will stand in front of my camera to see how her clients also feel, to be in their "shoes" for a minute.

Few tips for photographers

I always get the same question from people coming to my workshop. "How do you make people look so natural on your photos?" Let me answer that right here and now. It's not about how you make them look natural on photos. It's about how you make them feel. It's about YOU as a photographer and a human beeing as well. It's your energy and what you bring to the table. It's about being honest and communication. You can learn how to pose people, but the fact is - not all people are the same, not all people behave the same and we should never predict certain things. We should see people with the eyes of our heart, not predict, not put them into boxes, not expect. Photographers should see, listen, feel the people in front of them. Couples in front of the camera should be themselves. Not pretending, not posing, not doing something that feels unnatural for them. At least, that's the way I see it. So, next time (fingers crossed it will be soon enough!) stop thinking about where someone puts their hand and that perfect alignment or everything in the frame and feel more the couple standing in front of you. 

Everyone feels. It's just that everyone feels in some different way and everyone has a different trigger for emotions. Try figuring that out, and I guarantee it's going to become easier to create images where "people look natural" because they will actually feel relaxed and comfortable with you as a person. Don't forget it:

People will never forget how you made them feel. 

And I would add to that - it's your reflection on the other side. You made them feel a certain way and they reflect that. So I believe, all our photos are kind of selfportraits, even if we're not in them (I'm quoting a Portuguese artist, Nuno Roque here).

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