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Love had a scent of forest | Wedding of Sanda & Karlo in Ravna Gora, Croatia

It took me almost two years to blog this wedding from Ravna Gora (Croatia), and to be honest I have no idea why! I am not the best when it comes to blogging, but recently I started to work on that and now I can say I am showing more of my wedding stories, finally!

I know Karlo through photography and several mutual friends. He is a wedding videographer. So, imagine my happiness when he and Sanda asked me to be their wedding photographer! It is kind of the biggest honor you can get as a wedding photographer. 

Love had a scent of forest that day. Everything was just the way they wanted. Everything they planned for the day was just who they are. They danced their first dance three times. Not that they planned it. Their parents danced to a music they never heard before and had the time of their life. Their dj never left his records to get something to eat, cause, yes, this may be a bit of surprise, but he plays his music from gramophone records and has no playlist, only his imagination! Their ceremony was in the middle of nowhere, at a place that isn't even a wedding venue, but they made it the best wedding venue I have ever seen! They made impossible possible and proved everyone that a wedding doesn't have to be a cliche, but something yours. In every little detail. So, without further ado, let me tell you a story of a wedding that stole my heart.

Stop. Stand here and breathe in all that makes you grateful for this life. A good laugh. A good cry. When both are fused together at the same time. Soul connections. Choosing someone with your whole heart. The ease exhaled after the release. Tuck these close into the corners of your pockets. The deep crevices of your spine. So you may always stand tall in the belief that no matter what you are given, Magic is always present within you. It's what's here. And what's right now.

Danielle Doby

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