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Long Story Short Olomouc | Intimate couple session

Few months ago I created this intimate couple session in Long Story Short, Olomouc, Czech Republic, with Tereza and Tom. My idea of couple session is not only to create an image. It is to create value. Which, in other words, means that I create emotional moments for the couple that they live through and feel through. The point is - you go home with photos, and with an experience.

When Tereza, who is btw also a wedding photographer, told me she and her husband would love to have a session like that, I went and danced a little happy dance. After the session she said it was therapy with photography for her and Tom. Talking to me made them refresh memories of all the good things they share together, and it was more than a shooting. I realised, I didn't create just an intimate couple session. I created an experience for couples who are not afraid to show their souls to me and who are ready to close their eyes and feel. To be here and now.

It was pouring rain outside. I took my camera, made them comfortable and I started asking questions. Once it stopped being about me and the photos, it all started to be about them, about who they are together, and the puzzles just started falling into their place.

P.S. They have been together since high school and they are parents to little Oliver. Just for those of you who wonder if they are together just for a short while!

"This is like a therapy. Emotional therapy. It is not just the photos, I feel like we are able to renew some things between us. Like we have time just to see each other. Really see."


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