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Destination gay wedding in Croatia | Mary & Jen

It was my great wish to capture a gay wedding in Croatia, for so many reasons. Croatia, being a traditional country, hasn't had that many gay weddings, or if it had, it wasn't something that was talked about. It was only recently, few years ago, that Croatian same sex couples could have a legal ceremony in front of an officiant, and you can imagine how big of a stir it was in everyday life of such a small country. I am happy things started to change for better. When you live in western world, these things might be completely normal for you, but in eastern Europe it is still a sensitive subject. Which is why I am happy I can add my small tribute to it and show you this beautiful wedding of two amazing women, Mary and Jen, which happened on island Brac in Croatia.

As a traveler and lover of everything local, I feel obliged to tell you more about Pucisca, a town hidden in a small bay on island Brac, Croatia. Pucisca has always been known for its culture of stone masonry. Wherever you turn, there are houses made of stone, stone benches, stone details. There are several myths about white stone from Brac, such as the White House was built from it. There is, however, no evidence that it is true, but Croatians like to think it is. One of the most famous schools of stone masonry is also there, in Pucisca. By paying a small fee, you can enter the workshop and see how the stone is being worked on. The town is living a typical small town life, where everyone knows everyone and everything. I remember entering a shop to buy some fruit and the man owning it asked me "Are you the photographer of two ladies getting married here tomorrow?" It was a big deal for them. Something new and different was happening there. They were curious. In a good way. Mornings are meant for coffee in a local cafe. If you go early enough, you can almost feel like a local. This town is a hidden gem, I always reccommend it to everyone searching for a genuine local experience. 

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