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Sunrise engagement in Dubrovnik | Taylor & Kamila

(and few tips about Dubrovnik for travelers)

In order to do this engagement session in Dubrovnik right, we had to meet at sunrise. As one of the most prominent destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, Dubrovnik, as much as it is romantic, can be very hectic during the day. After Game of Thrones became worldwide known, this city became very popular. Every year, when I come back I can feel it more and more crowded with tourists. So, when Taylor and Kamila contacted me, I was honest from the start and I talked about importance of the light and privacy I want them to have for this (romantic) session. They were brave and went with my suggestion to do this at 5 a.m. Having your own car in the city is not easy (no parking whatsoever, and the one that is there is extra expensive), but if you do have it, you can visit several spots that are not so easily accesible by foot. So, we started our little adventure at the top of Srd Mountain, just above the city. What Kamila didn't know was that Taylor had a love letter written for the ocasion and so the surprise began. Srd Mountain is definitely one of the top spots to see the city from above. During the day you can visit it by taking the cable car from the city. Out of the working hours, there is a road that will take you there (by car).

This wasn't a surprise engagement. Kamila and Taylor were already engaged by the time we had our Dubrovnik session, but she didn't get the ring yet. So the ring came as the second surprise. 

After this fist magical part, we headed back down to the old town. Beauty of the morning in Dubrovnik is that you have the city just for yourself. You will meet few bloggers, and some locals who are going to work. At 6 a.m. no stores are yet open, the city is still sleeping. Which gave us the perfect background for our photographs.

Since I am known as a wanderer, traveller, food and coffee lover, I love to take my couples to places which will show them the beauties of the place they're at. I am not a tourist guide, I simply love to share my love for travel. So, I will take this oportunity to give everyone reading this, my recommendations for Dubrovnik. 

1. Viewpoints: Srd Mountain, Park Orsula, Fort Lovrijenac, City walls. If this is your first time visiting and you have no time for all of these, then I'd recommend to visit Srd Mountain and take a walk on the City walls.
2. Dominican and Franciscan monasteries. If you like the peace and quiet, these two oasis in the old city are the perfect choice.
3. Cogito coffee. For all the roasters coffee lovers out there, Cogito coffee is the best choice for your coffee break.
4. Cat hotel. Fun fact: Dubrovnik is known for it's love for cats. Even strays have their own hotel here. Locals take care of their cats. You can come pet them, sip your coffee in the alley (one of the two Cogito caffes is right there) and leave a small donation to help them feed the cats.
5. Mala Buza. During the summer season, on the outside cliffs of the city, there is Buza bar. Hidden behind a small door in the city wall, it is a perfect spot to sip your beer or coctail, enjoying the view of the sea and island Lokrum in front of you.
6. Kawa. The cutest shop to buy all the souvenirs made by Croatian artists. I never miss a chance to visit them. Sustainable and original!
7. Dubrovnik beer company. All the craft beer lovers out there will want to visit this place. It is just a bit outside of the city walls, in the port of Gruz, but easily accesible by city bus. You can thank me later!
8. Konoba Bogo. This restaurant is a hidden gem. It is outside the old city, in a local area, so you won't see many tourists around. Accesible by city bus. By seaside overlooking the sea and olive trees. Fresh fish.

These are my top choices for Dubrovnik. Next time I will tell you more about more things to see outside the city!

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